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  1. Posted by taza7667, — Reply

    I remember this scene clearly, it was so cute and funny!!! Especially the part where the camera was focusing of Joey's face, and he was angry that he didn't got the award!!!! ♥️

  2. Posted by cobbbrittney68, — Reply

    Jennifer Aniston just does not age... stunning 😍

  3. Posted by idontknowwhattoputhereahhhhh, — Reply

    jennifer aniston DOES. NOT. AGE.

  4. Posted by marianagabrieldf, — Reply

    Jennifer Aniston:Maravilhosa ainda parece que tem 31 anos,ou menos Joey:caraca mudou nada só um cabelo branco mas não faz diferença continuam lindos!❤

  5. Posted by marquezadriana321, — Reply

    I love how Jennifer is wearing close to the same thing

  6. Posted by haleyjamesw, — Reply

    My mom says I watch too much friends but it’s literally the best tv show ever😂❤️

  7. Posted by taburks05, — Reply

    I love that her hair is colored the same way lmao

  8. Posted by HttwJuly, — Reply

    Mano a Jeniffer é incrível, continua linda e maravilhosa e com aparência de 19 anos ainda akakakaka

  9. Posted by loveviva87, — Reply

    I agree with Evie, they SHOULD MAKE A REUNION EPISODE!!!! ALSO WATCH THE BIG BANG THEORY!!!!! OR HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (but it is okay, but the best tv show... NOT LIKE FREINDS...... P.S. I AM NOT COMPARING THEM)!!!!!!

  10. Posted by Ladybugrae11, — Reply

    Nothing changed but Matt's hair

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